Reflective Word or Message Panels in Red on Fluorescent Lime

Reflective Red and Fluorescent Lime Yellow Message Panels –

In many cases, a message needs to be conveyed on a high visibility panel.  In other words, there are two goals.  One is to make a vehicle highly conspicuous with a bright, reflective panel with two high contrast colors. The second goal is to convey a message.  WIDE LOAD would be an example of this.  Our message panels consist of a fluorescent lime background with transparent red letters.  This creates a panels where both the letters and the background are reflective and visible for over a thousand feet.  The panel would of course be visible first with the letters becoming readable at about 180 feet away.  We currently offer the panels in a 6″ x 24″ size.  We can create custom sized panels when requested.

reflective message decal panel

reflective word panel decalstay back 200 feet reflective decal

caution horses reflective panelhorse trailer reflective decal

Stay Back Reflective Sign Words Warning Panel

The image below shows the messages we have pre designed.  We can do any words you wish as long as they fit.  For more information contact us through our site .

flammable reflective panel decal