Reflective Chevron Panels for Cranes and Riggers

The panels pictured below are designed to be used in a crane operation so that the operator can look down and see the ends and edges of the load they are moving.  The sizes are 6″ x 16″ and 6″ x 12″ as well as 8″ x 12″ and 8″ x 16″.

crane rigger reflective panels

The picture above is taken with a flash camera. The picture below is a standard picture.  These particular panels are made using V98 white material and a red overlay.  They are small panels but because of the brightness of this material they will work perfect or this application.

reflective chevron panel crane rigger

Reflexite V98 material can be seen for thousands of feet versus hundreds for standard reflective. We have panels like this at .  Or you can call us at 850-934-3157.