Picture Gallery 1 – Retro-Reflective Chevron Panels for Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Picture Gallery 1 – Chevron Panels on Trucks and Utility Vehicles – online store – www.chevronpanels.com

This page is an image compilation of chevron panels installed on vehicles.  Utility type vehicles and trucks.  All are made with our premade panels. 

The panels below are 6″ tall by around  72″ long. This is a good size for pickups and is affordable since it does not cover the entire tailgate. Panels this size run about $80.  Less when purchased in quantity.  The truck labeled RO6064 is a Virginia DOT Truck. 

fleet vehicle chevron striping panels

fleet chevron striping dot reflective panels

The chevron panels below are some that we do for the Florida DOT work trucks.  They are 4 inches high and 12 inches long.  We do a left and a right.  These small panels significantly increase the visibility of the work trucks both day and night.  Highway Patrol vehicles are also beginning to use these on their vehicles.  The panels run $20 each. ($40 for the pair)

Florida DOT 4 x 12 Chevron panels

The trucks below are using our 6″ wide panels.

reflective chevron decal panel

reflective panel for trucks


reflective chevron decals utility trucks

dual reflective chevron panels utility vehicle

reflective fleet truck panels high visibility

Pictured below are trucks using our larger fuller coverage panels.

reflective chevron wrap panel truck

high viz chevron panel reflective large





The truck below was striped using one of our 17″ x 60″ premade panels. The bottom was trimmed a little on site. This panel can be seen at the following link.  The first image is of the truck in daylight and the second is at night with a flash camera.
truck chevron panel red limechevron panel at night

The application below is interesting. This is a smaller panel that we made for the rear of a small utility vehicle.  (Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator, Kubota RTV, Artic Cat Prowler)  Since these are small lower speed vehicles, rear end collisions are especially dangerous. By treating the rear with high viz reflective striping, collisions can easily be cut in half.  We have smaller panels for UTV’s at www.chevronpanels.com .  For custom sizes call me at 850-934-3157 or email me at steve@reflectivestore.com .  This design can also be accomplished with 30 foot rolls of 6″ V98 material.

UTV beforeUTV chevron striping