Non Slanting Orange Red Lime Reflective Alternating Color Panels

Non Slanting Red / Orange and Fluorescent Lime Reflective Panels – Online Store

Our non slanting Orange and Lime or Red and Lime retro reflective panels are an affordable alternative to our slanted stripe chevron panels.  The effectiveness is about the same since both are bright and very conspicuous.  AT&T uses these on their work / utility trucks with great success.  The bright contrasting colors get the attention of drivers. Four color combinations are available.  Red on Fluorescent Lime (popular), Orange on Fluorescent Lime (popular), Red on White and Orange on White.  We have these panels in 4″ x 3 foot and 6″ x 3 foot panels.Lime Orange Red ATT reflective panels

alternating color reflective panel

orange fluorescent lime strips decals

at&t reflective panel decalred fluorescent lime panels


Orange Red Lime ATT Reflective


The van below is using our Lime and Orange ATT panel and also our 6/6 DOT tape to create a battenburg pattern.  As you can see, the red and white battenburg pattern is very noticeable.