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Articles showing the different types of reflective standard and chevron panels.

Pre-Striped Oralite V98 Chevron Rolls – Sold by the foot, 30 foot or 150 foot rolls

We now carry Pre-Striped Oralite V98 chevron rolls in red and lime.  Sold by the foot , by the 30 foot roll, and by the 150 foot roll. Available in 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″ widths.  The stripes are 6″ wide on the diagonal and are NFPA compliant.rolls of pre striped chevrons We carry left and right slant rolls.  To create bi-directional chevron panels you would need a roll of each.  Then simply cut a section from each roll and join them in the middle or cut two pieces and apply one to each end of a bumper.

v98_ps_3 v98ps_1 v98ps_2 

This is a popular product for companies and individuals who are striping fleets of vehicles and want the flexibility of being able to cut each panel to length.  You can click here for more information and pricing.

Oralite V98 Chevron Prestriped

Pre-Striped V98 Chevron Striping on an Ambulance
Pre-Striped V98 Chevron Striping on a Brush Truck
12 inch wide v98 reflective chevron striping tape
Striped using 12 inch left hand and right hand rolls of V98 Pre-striped Chevron Reflective Tape.

The fire truck above was striped using 12 inch wide rolls of LH and RH slant V98 Reflective Chevron Striping Tape.

Picture Gallery 1 – Retro-Reflective Chevron Panels for Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Picture Gallery 1 – Chevron Panels on Trucks and Utility Vehicles – online store –

This page is an image compilation of chevron panels installed on vehicles.  Utility type vehicles and trucks.  All are made with our premade panels. 

The panels below are 6″ tall by around  72″ long. This is a good size for pickups and is affordable since it does not cover the entire tailgate. Panels this size run about $80.  Less when purchased in quantity.  The truck labeled RO6064 is a Virginia DOT Truck. 

fleet vehicle chevron striping panels

fleet chevron striping dot reflective panels

The chevron panels below are some that we do for the Florida DOT work trucks.  They are 4 inches high and 12 inches long.  We do a left and a right.  These small panels significantly increase the visibility of the work trucks both day and night.  Highway Patrol vehicles are also beginning to use these on their vehicles.  The panels run $20 each. ($40 for the pair)

Florida DOT 4 x 12 Chevron panels

The trucks below are using our 6″ wide panels.

reflective chevron decal panel

reflective panel for trucks


reflective chevron decals utility trucks

dual reflective chevron panels utility vehicle

reflective fleet truck panels high visibility

Pictured below are trucks using our larger fuller coverage panels.

reflective chevron wrap panel truck

high viz chevron panel reflective large





The truck below was striped using one of our 17″ x 60″ premade panels. The bottom was trimmed a little on site. This panel can be seen at the following link.  The first image is of the truck in daylight and the second is at night with a flash camera.
truck chevron panel red limechevron panel at night

The application below is interesting. This is a smaller panel that we made for the rear of a small utility vehicle.  (Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator, Kubota RTV, Artic Cat Prowler)  Since these are small lower speed vehicles, rear end collisions are especially dangerous. By treating the rear with high viz reflective striping, collisions can easily be cut in half.  We have smaller panels for UTV’s at .  For custom sizes call me at 850-934-3157 or email me at .  This design can also be accomplished with 30 foot rolls of 6″ V98 material.

UTV beforeUTV chevron striping

Picture Gallery 2 – Reflective Chevron Panels on Fire Trucks and Other Vehicles

Reflective Chevron Panel Gallery #2 – Fire Trucks and Specialty Vehicles – online store –

Before and after of a Fire Truck using our Oralite V98 Prestriped Material.  (12″ wide rolls)

Oralite V98 Chevron Prestriped

Chevron Panels installed on fire truck bumpers.

chevron reflective panel fire truck bumper

firetruck bumper chevron reflective decal panel


fire truck motorcycle reflective panels

fire truck front bumper chevron reflective panel

Panels installed on slow moving specialty vehicles.  In this case, a street sweeper.

reflective chevron panel street sweeper


chevron reflective panel for street sweeper


The image below is of a Virginia DOT dump truck. This is a 6″ x 72″ panel cut on site into three sections and then applied.

virginia dot dump truck chevron panel

The image below is of a trailer.  The panel is made up of three of our 17″ tall stackable panels combined to make one large chevron. The stripes line up.

stackable chevron panels for trailer


Picture Gallery 3 – Reflective Chevron Panels for Vans and Fleets

Picture Gallery 1 – Chevron Panels on Trucks and Utility Vehicles – online store –

This page is an image compilation of chevron panels installed on vehicles. Utility vans and fleets of vehicles. All are made with our premade panels.




The vans above are part of a fleet.  Fleet safety managers have been able to substantially reduce rear end collisions using vivid reflective panels.  In some cases, accidents of this type have been reduced to zero.

Picture Gallery 4 – Reflective Chevron Panels in VARIOUS COLOR Combinations

Our standard panels are fluorescent lime and red.  However, we can do other color combinations such as red on white, black on lime, orange on white, green on lime, blue on white and orange on lime.  Some examples are pictured below.  Our designer site creates all of our custom colors combinations.

reflective orange lime red black green panels

The image above is taken with no flash.  The image below shows the material reflecting and is taken with a flash camera.  Note that all the colors reflective except the black.  Black and Lime give the highest day and night contrast.

reflective panels utility vehicles lime black

The picture above was taken with a flash camera. In the photo below the black is a non-reflective material.  The lime is highly reflective.  This creates a high contrast day and night.

Orange and Fluorescent Lime Reflective Chevron Panel
Orange and Lime Reflective Panel

Orange and Fluorescent Lime Reflective Chevron Panels.  Often used for non NFPA applications in order to avoid mistaking a utility or work truck for a fire truck.

green and lime chevron panel
Lime and Green Chevron Panel

blue and white reflective chevron panel
White V98 Panel with Blue Stripes

Lime Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel
Hi Viz Lime Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel

lime black garbage truck reflective chevron panels
Fluorescent Lie Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel

The panels below are 12″ School Bus Yellow and Black.  Created in continuous Rolls.  The yellow is highly reflective and the black is non-reflective.

School Bus Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel
School Bus Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel

yellow black reflective striped chevron panel
Self Adhesive School Bus Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel

school bus yellow black reflective chevron panel
School Bus Yellow and Black Reflective Chevron Panel


Alternative color panels available at .

Picture Gallery 5 – BLOCK Pattern Reflective Panels – Orange/Lime Red/Lime

We carry BLOCK PATTERN AT&T STYLE PANELS <<online store) in a 12″ / 12″ configuration.   We can create lime and red, lime and orange, white and red, white and orange, lime and green and white and green.   The panels can be used alone or stacked and staggered to form a Battenburg pattern.  Battenburg panels are highly visible and are differentiated from standard chevron panels.  We sell these self adhesive panels by the foot.  We make 2″ wide and 4″ wide rolls.  Double up a 2″ to make a 4″ Battenburg or double a 4″ to make an 8″ Batternburg panel.

The examples below are orange on lime and red on white.

block pattern reflective panels

12″ by 12″ Block Pattern.  Sold by the foot.  Use alone or stack and stagger two lengths to create a battenburg pattern. (see below)

block att pattern reflective panel
AT&T Style Reflective Decals

block style AT&T panels red and lime yellow
Block Pattern AT&T Style Reflective Panels

block at&t reflective panel rolls red lime orange
Red and Lime Block AT&T Style Reflective Rolls


Orange and Lime AT&T Panels
Orange and Lime AT&T Panels


Picture Gallery 6 – BATTENBURG CHECKERED Reflective Panels

Highly Visible  Battenburg Checkered Reflective Panels  <<online store) sold by the foot on a roll.  Battenburg panels give vehicles and fleets an option that will differentiate their vehicle or fleet from emergency vehicles that use the standard chevron panel.  Battenburg patterns are widely used in Europe and have been shown to be highly effective in reducing rear end and side collisions.

We carry Battenburg panels in Red and Fluorescent Lime as well as Orange and Fluorescent Lime.  (We can also do custom color combinations on request such as Lime and Green, White and Red, White and Orange, Lime and Black.)

Battenburg Reflective Decal Utility Truck

battenburg battenberg reflective markings
Battenburg Reflective Fluorescent Lime and Red Panel

battenburg red lime panel


battenburg battenberg reflective decals utility vehicles markings
Battenburg Reflective Panels/Decals 4″ 6″ 8″ 12″

battenburg reflective decal rolls panels
Battenburg Panels Sold By The Foot

battenburg red and lime panels
Reflective Battenburg Red and Lime

battenburg panel decal lime yellow orange
Orange and Fluorescent Lime Battenburg Panels

Ford Truck Reflective Battenburg Panel Markings
Battenburg Reflective Panel / Markings

fleet vehicles battenburg panels
Battenburg Reflective Panels. Great for Fleet Applications.

Utility Truck Battenburg Reflective Panel
Reflective Battenburg Panel on Utility Truck

Picture Gallery 7 – “TWO PIECE” Chevron Panels (68 inches long)

Our two piece chevron panels are affordable and easy to install.  We have 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″, and 15″ tall x 68″ long panel kits.

Pictured above is a two piece 4″ x 68″ panel.  To apply just stick one side down and then apply the other next to it.  Each kit comes with a small piece of “seam tape” that you can use to seal the center seam if you wish.

Pictured above is our 15″ x 68″ Panel.  Two piece.


Reflective Chevron Panels for Cranes and Riggers

The panels pictured below are designed to be used in a crane operation so that the operator can look down and see the ends and edges of the load they are moving.  The sizes are 6″ x 16″ and 6″ x 12″ as well as 8″ x 12″ and 8″ x 16″.

crane rigger reflective panels

The picture above is taken with a flash camera. The picture below is a standard picture.  These particular panels are made using V98 white material and a red overlay.  They are small panels but because of the brightness of this material they will work perfect or this application.

reflective chevron panel crane rigger

Reflexite V98 material can be seen for thousands of feet versus hundreds for standard reflective. We have panels like this at .  Or you can call us at 850-934-3157.

Green and Fluorescent Lime Yellow Chevron Panel (stripes)

This is a special order run that we did for the State of Ohio.  8 inch x 4 foot bi-directional chevron panels that are fluorescent lime and green.  We used a Reflexite V98 conformable prismatic background and green overlay to create the stripes.  It creates a nice vivid contrast. Alternative colored panels like the ones pictured here are available at .

green and lime chevron panel

As you can see from the picture above, when the panel reflects the lime becomes more of a white but the green maintains a great contrast.

Lime yellow and green chevron panel stripesPanels this size run between $70 and $85 each depending on quantity.  For more information you can go to or call us at 850-934-3157 or email

Reflective Chevron Panel on a Cargo Trailer – Before / After

Reflective Chevron Stripes on a Cargo Trailer –

The trailer pictured in this article has been striped with a chevron panel using 6″ wide rolls of Orafol / Reflexite V98 in a red and a fluorescent lime.

The first picture below is the trailer unstriped.  At this stage you would have already measured the height and width of the area to be striped.  For every square foot of area you would need a foot of 6″ lime and a foot of 6″ red plus a little extra.  (about 10%)  Once you have the striping in hand you would clean the surface with soap and water and then wipe it down with alcohol and let it dry.  At this stage you can also remove any thing may be in the way of the striping.  These items would be reinstalled later after the striping is installed.utility trailer chevron reflective panel

The picture below shows the trailer partially striped. To begin this pattern you would cut a triangle with 45 degree sides and apply it dead center.  Draw a line dead center from the peak of the triangle upward.  Then cut each piece separately and apply.  I normally lay a piece on the trailer with the backing on the tape, then measure, then cut, then peel and apply.  Press all the pieces on well with a cloth or squeegee.  I go back over the edges the next day also.  This assures a nice seal on the edges.   Since V98 is a single layer film and will not delaminate edge sealing is not required.  However, on the outside edges of a chevron pattern, running a bead of clear coat along the edge will help the material resist lifting and add longevity to the application.

nfpa 1901 cargo trailer stripes

The picture below shows the completed project.  As you can see the trailer is much more visible from the rear now.  A trailer with tens of thousands of dollars in equipment inside is now much less likely to be hit due to the application of about $300 of highly reflective tape.  A good investment.

utility trailer chevron panel reflective

We carry the reflective material for a project like this at .  Call me at 850-934-3157 with any questions.  

Non Slanting Orange Red Lime Reflective Alternating Color Panels

Non Slanting Red / Orange and Fluorescent Lime Reflective Panels – Online Store

Our non slanting Orange and Lime or Red and Lime retro reflective panels are an affordable alternative to our slanted stripe chevron panels.  The effectiveness is about the same since both are bright and very conspicuous.  AT&T uses these on their work / utility trucks with great success.  The bright contrasting colors get the attention of drivers. Four color combinations are available.  Red on Fluorescent Lime (popular), Orange on Fluorescent Lime (popular), Red on White and Orange on White.  We have these panels in 4″ x 3 foot and 6″ x 3 foot panels.Lime Orange Red ATT reflective panels

alternating color reflective panel

orange fluorescent lime strips decals

at&t reflective panel decalred fluorescent lime panels


Orange Red Lime ATT Reflective


The van below is using our Lime and Orange ATT panel and also our 6/6 DOT tape to create a battenburg pattern.  As you can see, the red and white battenburg pattern is very noticeable. 


Reflective Word or Message Panels in Red on Fluorescent Lime

Reflective Red and Fluorescent Lime Yellow Message Panels –

In many cases, a message needs to be conveyed on a high visibility panel.  In other words, there are two goals.  One is to make a vehicle highly conspicuous with a bright, reflective panel with two high contrast colors. The second goal is to convey a message.  WIDE LOAD would be an example of this.  Our message panels consist of a fluorescent lime background with transparent red letters.  This creates a panels where both the letters and the background are reflective and visible for over a thousand feet.  The panel would of course be visible first with the letters becoming readable at about 180 feet away.  We currently offer the panels in a 6″ x 24″ size.  We can create custom sized panels when requested.

reflective message decal panel

reflective word panel decalstay back 200 feet reflective decal

caution horses reflective panelhorse trailer reflective decal

Stay Back Reflective Sign Words Warning Panel

The image below shows the messages we have pre designed.  We can do any words you wish as long as they fit.  For more information contact us through our site .

flammable reflective panel decal

Horizontal Reflective Panels with 6″ Stripes (NFPA 1901 Compliant)

Horizontal Reflective Chevron Panels with 6″ Stripes – Online Store

Our 4″, 5″, and 6″ wide by 60″, 66″ or 72″ long chevron panels with 6″ wide stripes are designed for all applications including those that fall under NFPA 1901 standards such as fire apparatus.  We carry the panels in various widths and lengths to accommodate the variety of vehicles that may need them.  They are easy to trim so it is advisable to either purchase one that is right at the correct size or just a little longer and then trim it on both ends.  nfpa chevron panels reflective

All of our panels are self adhesive and have a peel off backing that is removed before application.  The adhesive is repositionable which means the panel can be pulled up and reapplied if necessary.  The picture below shows the backing.

self adhesive reflective panels

Our panels are available in the color combinations below.  The fluorescent lime panels are the most visible day and night.

  • Red and Fluorescent Lime Yellow (most popular)
  • Orange and Fluorescent Lime Yellow
  • Red on White
  • Orange on White

Size choices are:

  • 4″ x 60″
  • 5″ x 60″
  • 6″ x 60″
  • 4″ x 66″
  • 5″ x 66″
  • 6″ x 66″
  • 4″ x 72″
  • 5″ x 72″
  • 6″ x 72″

nfpa 1901 chevron panels

The reflectivity specifications for the different colors are as follows –

  • White – 750 Candelas
  • Fluorescent Lime Yellow – 420 Candelas
  • Orange – 200 Candelas
  • Red – 130 Candelas

 It is important to keep in mind that although white is brighter than fluorescent lime, it is not necessarily more conspicuous.  White tends to blend in with other white lights such as car headlights, street lights, etc..  Also, the contrasting color, orange or red, needs to be less reflective to provide the necessary contrast.  A 2 or 3 to 1 contrast is recommended.

Horizontal Reflective Chevron Panels for Tailgates with 6″ Stripes (NFPA)

Horizontal Chevron Panels with 6″ Stripes – Online Store

Our 12″ and 16″ wide Horizontal Bi-directional Chevron Panels are generally used on the rear or tailgate of a vehicle or truck.  They are larger than our bumper size panels and therefore more visible from great distances.  They would commonly be used on fire vehicles such as brush trucks.  They are also well suited for utility company fleet applications.  This type of panel is used for NFPA or standard applications. That simply means that they can be used for fire trucks since they use a 6″ stripe. For NFPA applications you would use the lime and red like in the picture below.

chevron panel red lime reflective

You can also get the panels in orange and fluorescent lime, red and white and orange and white.  The white and orange and white and red panels are effective on vehicles that are yellow or tan where a lime may blend in too much.  Overall, red and fluorescent lime or orange and fluorescent lime are the most visible and most popular.  The picture below shows the orange over white and orange over fluorescent lime.  Keep in mind that these color combinations would be used for non NFPA applications.

orange white lime reflective panels

The material that we use for our panels is very rugged, however, it is also pliable and cuts smoothly and easily. To determine the size you need just measure your truck and purchase the panel that is as close a fit as possible.  If necessary you can purchase a panel that is a little longer than you need and then trim both sides with an exacto or scissors.  As you can see from the image below, the panels are available in several widths and length combinations.

large horizontal chevron reflective panels

Panels are available in the following color combinations.

  • Red and Fluorescent Lime Yellow (most popular)
  • Orange and Fluorescent Lime Yellow
  • Red on White
  • Orange on White

Size choices are:

  • 12″ x 60″
  • 16″ x 60″
  • 12″ x 72″
  • 16″ x 72″
  • 12″ x 84″
  • 16″ x 84″

self adhesive reflective panels

The reflectivity intensity for the different colors are as follows –

  • White – 750 Candelas
  • Fluorescent Lime Yellow – 420 Candelas
  • Orange – 200 Candelas
  • Red – 130 Candelas

 It is important to keep in mind that although white is brighter than fluorescent lime, it is not necessarily more conspicuous.  White tends to blend in with other white lights such as car headlights, street lights, etc..  Also, the contrasting color, orange or red, needs to be less reflective to provide the necessary contrast.  A 2 or 3 to 1 contrast is recommended.  In other words, if red were as bright as lime they would blend with each other and be less effective.



Pictures of our Vertical Chevron Panels with 4″ Wide Stripes

Our Vertical Chevron Panels are designed for delivery, utility or work vehicles that have the space to accommodate vertical panels.  I many instances only vertical panels will work.  The vertical panels can be purchased at .

reflective tape truck body

vertical up and down reflective chevron panelThe image below shows a 4″ x 24″ fluorescent lime and orange vertical panel.  This color combination is popular for fleets that want a color scheme that is different from the standard red and fluorescent lime reflective panel Same size panels but in red and lime 24" panels

Vertical chevron panels available in a variety of color combinations at .

Reflective Chevron Panels for Motorcycles / Motorbikes

Reflective Chevron Panels for Motorcycles (sold by the foot) – (online store)

We began making these panels when a fire fighter who wanted to make their motorcycle match the fire truck chevrons asked us to design a basic chevron panel for the back of their motorbike.  (pictured below in front of fire truck) The motorcycle turned out great and the night time visibility of the rear of the bike was greatly increased.  Since motor cycle accidents can be very serious, marking them in a way that will increase visibility day and night is important.  These small chevron panels accomplish this and lower the risk of a rear end collision.  The panels are incredibly tough but can still be easily trimmed and cut with standard scissors.  Very easy to work with and install. Most of the applications below involve trimming the panels to fit.

reflective panels motorbikes motor cycles

The picture above and below is of our red and lime panels sold by the foot.

All of the panels below are our 6 x 12’s that have been trimmed and modified on site.  The material is very easy to work with.  It is very tough yet still easy to cut with scissors.

motor bike cycle chevron reflective panels

motorcycle motorbike pannier reflective panels

reflective pannier panels yellow lime red

Reflective Panels Made From 6″ Rolls of Red, Lime, Green, Blue, Orange V98

rear chevron fire truck reflective lime red

rear fire truck chevron lime red reflective

The pictures above are of a fire truck striped with individual rolls of lime and red 6 inch V98 Oralite Reflective Material by Orafol.

The picture below is of a dump truck that operates on the Pennsyvania Turnpike.  The fluorescent lime and red stripes were created for a fleet of trucks using 6″ x 150 foot rolls of Reflexite V98 material.  We have that material at this link.  To do a design like this you simply draw a line up and down at dead center and then use that as your guide. Stripes go on out and down at 45 degree angles.  Whatever scrap you have can be used on the next truck.

dump truck chevron stripes

The pictures below are full edge to edge chevrons made using individual 6″ rolls.  To create this design you would buy a 6″ x 30 foot roll of fluorescent lime and a 6″ x 30 foot roll of red. (V98 Material)  Note – green, orange, blue, yellow also available. Then you would draw a line dead center from top to bottom on the tailgate.  Place a triangle of material dead center and press it on well.  Then you simply cut and trim alternating color pieces and work you way out.  Trim any overhang and make sure everything is pressed on very well and you are done.  We have the 6 x 30 rolls of V98 at this link.

truck tailgate chevron panels red lime yellow

green white reflective panel dump truck

chevron striping 6" red lime tailgate