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Pictures of our Vertical Chevron Panels with 4″ Wide Stripes

Our Vertical Chevron Panels are designed for delivery, utility or work vehicles that have the space to accommodate vertical panels.  I many instances only vertical panels will work.  The vertical panels can be purchased at .

reflective tape truck body

vertical up and down reflective chevron panelThe image below shows a 4″ x 24″ fluorescent lime and orange vertical panel.  This color combination is popular for fleets that want a color scheme that is different from the standard red and fluorescent lime reflective panel Same size panels but in red and lime 24" panels

Vertical chevron panels available in a variety of color combinations at .

Pictures of our Horizontal Chevron Panels – 4″ Wide Stripes

Pictures of our Various Horizontal Chevron Reflective Panels – (online store

6" x 60" Reflective Chevron PanelThe picture above shows one of our 6 inch by 60 inch red and white prismatic chevron panels with 4″ wide stripes. Available at this link.

5" x 66" orange lime reflective panelThe picture above shows one of our 5 inch by 66 inch orange and lime reflective panels with 4″ wide stripes for work, delivery or utility trucks.  Available at this link.

Reflective Chevron Panels for Motorcycles / Motorbikes

Reflective Chevron Panels for Motorcycles (sold by the foot) – (online store)

We began making these panels when a fire fighter who wanted to make their motorcycle match the fire truck chevrons asked us to design a basic chevron panel for the back of their motorbike.  (pictured below in front of fire truck) The motorcycle turned out great and the night time visibility of the rear of the bike was greatly increased.  Since motor cycle accidents can be very serious, marking them in a way that will increase visibility day and night is important.  These small chevron panels accomplish this and lower the risk of a rear end collision.  The panels are incredibly tough but can still be easily trimmed and cut with standard scissors.  Very easy to work with and install. Most of the applications below involve trimming the panels to fit.

reflective panels motorbikes motor cycles

The picture above and below is of our red and lime panels sold by the foot.

All of the panels below are our 6 x 12’s that have been trimmed and modified on site.  The material is very easy to work with.  It is very tough yet still easy to cut with scissors.

motor bike cycle chevron reflective panels

motorcycle motorbike pannier reflective panels

reflective pannier panels yellow lime red

Reflective Panels Made From 6″ Rolls of Red, Lime, Green, Blue, Orange V98

rear chevron fire truck reflective lime red

rear fire truck chevron lime red reflective

The pictures above are of a fire truck striped with individual rolls of lime and red 6 inch V98 Oralite Reflective Material by Orafol.

The picture below is of a dump truck that operates on the Pennsyvania Turnpike.  The fluorescent lime and red stripes were created for a fleet of trucks using 6″ x 150 foot rolls of Reflexite V98 material.  We have that material at this link.  To do a design like this you simply draw a line up and down at dead center and then use that as your guide. Stripes go on out and down at 45 degree angles.  Whatever scrap you have can be used on the next truck.

dump truck chevron stripes

The pictures below are full edge to edge chevrons made using individual 6″ rolls.  To create this design you would buy a 6″ x 30 foot roll of fluorescent lime and a 6″ x 30 foot roll of red. (V98 Material)  Note – green, orange, blue, yellow also available. Then you would draw a line dead center from top to bottom on the tailgate.  Place a triangle of material dead center and press it on well.  Then you simply cut and trim alternating color pieces and work you way out.  Trim any overhang and make sure everything is pressed on very well and you are done.  We have the 6 x 30 rolls of V98 at this link.

truck tailgate chevron panels red lime yellow

green white reflective panel dump truck

chevron striping 6" red lime tailgate