Self Adhesive, Flexible, Peel and Stick Reflective Panels.

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Welcome to our Chevron Panels Information Site.  The purpose of this site is to provide you with additional information, specifications, pictures and videos of our line of pre-made reflective chevron panels.  The panels can be purchased on our commercial site at  To see our image gallery with pictures of chevron panels on vehicles “click here”.

v98 pre striped chevron material
Oralite Prestriped Chevron Striping – 6″ stripes – 2″ – 30″ Rolls Available

A chevron is a design where alternating colored stripes go out and down both directions at a 45 degree angle. Both the alternating colors and the slant are designed to make the panel conspicuous. On our main site we offer a large variety of chevron panels.  They are available in different color combinations and in different sizes.  We also offer panels where the stripes alternate colors but do not slant. (see image below)

alternating color reflective panel

Studies have shown that the use of high visibility reflective markings on a vehicle can reduce rear end collisions from 15% to 41%.  The percentage increases as the visibility increases. Selecting the right intensity and color for the panels is an important factor in how effective they will be.  Fluorescent Lime Yellow and Red or Fluorescent Lime Yellow and Orange are consistently ranked the highest for visibility.

ATT Van Type Orange Lime Reflective Panel

For applications where conspicuity is needed and a message needs to be conveyed we carry message panels. (see image below)


battenburg fleet panels reflective

reflective message decal panel

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